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Our Story

From coaching together for eight years - to opening our own business together. Providing a gym that is open to ALL athletes regardless of their team affiliation has been our dream. No matter where you cheer, STUNT, or tumble - YOU ARE WELCOME IN OUR GYM! Coaching athletes and teaching them valuable life lessons is our passion. We can't wait to share our passion with YOU! 


Athletic Edge was created around the goal of improving the lives of young athletes through tumbling and STUNT. We hope that each athlete's life and character is improved through the challenges and successes they find themselves a part of throughout their time with us. Helping install important life lessons that your child will need, not only in sports, but to be successful in life. Safety is always our number one priority and that is reflected through our training and staffing. It is our goal to provide each athlete, and family, with a happy and healthy environment that they can thrive in. 

Meet The Coaches

At the age of 3 Shay began gymnastics and continued to do it throughout her childhood. When she was 14 she began cheerleading and diving in high school. With her technique from gymnastics and her experience with cheerleading, Shay wanted to share her knowledge with athletes and began coaching. 19 years later and she still has a passion for coaching tumbling and helping her athletes gain confidence in themselves 

Jamie began cheering and tumbling at the age of 5. She spent several years cheering for a youth team, all star cheer, high school cheer, and even professional cheerleading for the Oakland Raiders. Jamie has been coaching cheer and tumbling for the past 12 years, and has experience with athletes of all ages and levels. For the past two years she has been coaching a local high school STUNT team and fell in love with the sport and wanted to provide the opportunity for more athletes to play this amazing sport.

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